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               Walnut Hills Boys’ Soccer Program will come to be known as one of integrity, competitiveness, sportsmanship, and of personal and team success.  In this program, young men will be trained in techniques, tactics, and strategies of soccer.  Here young men learn integrity of not only the game of soccer, but of themselves.  Players will gain experience in soccer and life that will help them grow as a person and a player, so that they can achieve their dreams in post secondary education.


Style of Play               

                  The Walnut Hills Boys’ Soccer Program will play a brand of soccer where they are taught to keep the ball in their possession.  On offense, players will look to play to feet, which will allow them to get the ball wide to stretch the field, all while using the front man’s feet as a target to hold the ball up.  Defensively, players will put pressure on the ball to force teams to make mistakes all while deferring the opponent’s progress towards our goal.  Players will be taught the organizational principals of pressure, cover, and balance to protect the goal rather than man marking.  Overall, Walnut Hills Boy’s Soccer will come to be known as a team that you don’t want to play because of their physical nature, ability to keep the ball, and hate to lose attitude.  

Short Term Goals

· Win FAVC and top 10 in the city

· Players take on ownership of higher standards of themselves and the program

· Coaching staff will be exposed to all teams through technical training sessions throughout the season to promote development

· Coaches will provide coaching clinics for local youth teams

· Creation of team committees of player’s parents to organize team functions such as team dinners

· 100% of Senior soccer players attending post secondary education

· Embrace, renew, and own a rivalry with Turpin (Possibly Milford)


Long Term Goals               

· FAVC Conference Champions and consistent top 5 in Cincinnati

· Schedule GCL teams and dominate

· State Champions

· Walnut Hills Boys’ soccer program is considered a breeding ground of soccer players for college coaches