Coaching Center

Here you can find links to coaching sessions at the bottom.  

Things to Remember:

1. We want sessions where players touch the ball as much as possible, especially at the younger ages. 

2.  If doing a drill and you don't have enough balls, try to have ratio of 1:3 of players working and resting.   Avoid Shooting/passing lines where the whole team waits on one person.

3.  Everything should be fun with a competition or a goal in mind.  Keeping a time limit can help with this.

4.  Remember for activities, 5 minutes per grade level to hold attention (some times less).  

5. The goal of the younger ages is to master the ball and preach individual skill, not focus on winning.  Encourage players to show skill moves and flair. 

6.  Middle School age players should continue to focus on ball control and begin to focus more on movement and team play.  The focus is not winning,  but more on the style of play.

7.  High School age players again focus on more tactical play, playing in game like     scenarios, dealing with the pressures of the game, and of course, Winning. 


    Goal Keeping Sessions                                 Pro Academy Sessions

    All kinds tactical sessions                             US Soccer Development Module

    Warm Games Sessions                                 Approach Play with Finish Session

    Small Sided Games Sessions                        Creative Play sessions

    Passing/ Receiving Sessions                         Chelsea Development Book

    Dutch Possession Sessions                          Cardiff City Training Sessions