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Rules for Futsal

We want the league to emphasize skill development and fun. Emphasis on dribbling, passing, ball control and shooting. 

Pele and many of the world’s soccer greats developed their game in futsal. It is the official indoor game of FIFA. 

Scores will be posted on scoreboard and in the standings at a maximum of 5 goals. 

If a game is not played due to teams being out of town, a scrimmage will occur with an official and the team that is present will be awarded 
a 2-0 victory. 

A win is 3 points in the standings and a tie is 1 point in the standings. 

Home team sits on side where scoreboard says home. (makes it easier for fans to tell score) 

Kickoff must go forward and you cannot score from a kickoff or a kick in. 

No sliding except keeper in the box to make a save. (no slide tackles) 

Futsal is intended to be no contact or limited contact. Emphasis on skill, speed and field vision. 

Kick-in must be touching the color and must be totally stopped before it is struck. (2 yard clearance by defender) 

Goalie Box is 3-pt area. Penalty mark is foul line, 6 foul pk line is second white line. 
1 minute halftime to talk with team and allow referee to reset the 5 foul count. (we will NOT switch sides) 

After 5th direct kick offense, there is a second line pk for each foul of the half. (total restarts at halftime) 

No direct or indirect kick can be closer than the foul line (PK mark) 
4 seconds goalie possession in any situation. No interference when ball is in keeper’s hands 
Goal clearance must be distributed with hands. (from out of bounds) off save, keeper can use hands or feet. 

**No profanity of any kind at any time for any reason. (this can get you removed from property/league) 

No intentional fouls, no dissent of any kind, no trash-talking or taunting of any kind. 

Corner Kicks, Indirect or Direct kicks must be given 5 yard clearance by opposition. 

If ball hits the basket, it is a kick-in from the nearest point by team that did not touch the ball last. 

Subs must enter in front of their team bench. You may not enter until your teammate is completely off the field. (no competitive advantage) Tag in with hand touch on the color of the sideline. 

If keeper throws ball past midcourt on fly, it is an indirect at mid court. (no punts or drop kicks) 

Score from anywhere, Whole ball across the line 

Players must have shin guards and socks covering them. No jewelry. 

There must be one adult/coach on the sideline the whole game, every game. 

At the end of the game if there is a foul, the kick will be taken even if time expires. (referee discretion) 

Do not foul intentionally. Set the wall quickly at 5 yards without being warned. Play ends at referee discretion. 

Coaches, players and parents, please clean up after the game. (Coaches must sign on score clipboard after each game) 

If a player receives a yellow card, the player must be subbed for. If they receive a red card they must see Coach McCollum and may not go back to the court that night. 

Playback rule to the keeper is like outdoor. They may not use their hands, but can receive the ball and use their feet. 

As much as possible we are trying to have our rules like outdoor since most of our teams are using Futsal for fun and to prepare for outdoor 

Please do not ever talk to officials in a negative way and don’t talk to them after a game. 
Any complaints, please see Coach McCollum immediately. 

Officials only have a few minutes before their next game and they will not discuss the game with you. 
By the way, this is Futsal, so it is meant to be fun and our league is a family friendly and encouraging environment for all. 

Any issues with dissent or disrespect by players, coaches or fans can result in removal from the league without refund. 

No arguing or yelling at officials or coaches or players. We are all working together to have a positive and encouraging atmosphere of skill development and fun! We want this league to be family-friendly and a great start to your weekend!