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Are monthly meetings open to all parents?

Yes, anyone is welcome to join though they must notify the board in advance if they wish to bring up topics.  Topics would ideally be presented through the team rep.  Topics must be within the scope of the Goal Club.  The Goal Club is a booster organization focused on fund raising.  We will not discuss coaching or school administration.

Where are meetings typically held?

Location can vary.  Often at the school during the school year, but location is determined meeting to meeting based on location availability.  Goal Club members will be notified in advance of the location.  Contact your team rep if you are interested in sitting in on a meeting.

How long do meetings typically last?

Ideally an hour, but will vary based on the amount of content to be discussed.

Who coordinates the agenda for the meetings?

The President will set the agenda based on input from the board

How do new items get submitted for discussion?

The President will request agenda items prior to the meeting.

Is the agenda published in advance?

It will not be published in advance.

Is a treasurer’s report shared at each meeting?

An unreconciled report will be shared at each meeting.  Reconciled reports are only possible 2-3 times a year.

How are meetings advertised to parents?

Meetings will be planned at a regular interval and that interval will be published online.  Parents who wish to join a meeting should contact their team rep for confirmation of location and time.

Where are meeting notes stored online?

Meeting notes will be posted on the web site under the Goal Club menu.

Are meeting notes reviewed/approved before posting?

Prior meeting notes will be reviewed at the beginning of each meeting for approval and approved by the board.  Ideally, they will be mailed out in advance of the meeting.