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The Goal Club is a volunteer driven organization.  The various events that the Goal Club holds require support from its membership.  Without volunteers, these events are not possible.  Please click the links below to support the Goal Club and the Walnut Hills Boys and Girls Soccer programs.

Varsity / JV Eagles Women's Games

Varsity / JV Eagles Men's Games

JV Blue Games

Jr. High Games

Please note that we will have a team of interns and site managers that will be helping this year. These college students are 100% volunteers at Walnut and put a lot of time in to helping us and your children succeed. Please be aware that they will be coming to help and will be getting food and drinks for themselves, officials, and others at times.


Working the GATE?
  • Please CLICK HERE to see more information about working the Gate.
  • Most important, remember to take the persons money and give them the appropriate ticket (student or adult), then rip half that ticket and give to the person and put the other half back in the cash box. (Dont worry about counting the tickets, we dont count the ripped tickets either. We look at the number on the first ticket and the last ticket.)
  • If someone has a badge as a Walnut Hills Faculty member they and one other person in Free.
  • If someone has a ECC BLUE AND RED Pass they and one other person in Free.
  • If someone has a boosters pass one person gets in free for each pass.
  • Want to purchase a Boosters Pass?!?  CLICK HERE!
  • Please find information for working Concessions below, please note there are different instructions for our different venues.
  • Dont worry about counting the money in the cash box.
  • Let a site manager or EVAN know if your running low on any quarters or bills.
  • If you order pizza, use the money from the cash box & tip the person $1 per pizza and put the receipt in the cash box. Site manager or EVAN will help you with determining how many pizzas to order.
  • Remember to clean the concessions and restock if you are closing!
  • This year we may be asking parents to help by taking all recycling to the recycling dumpster at the end of the event. Keep an eye out for more information on our recycling efforts.

Working the PRESS BOX?
  • Please find information for working the Press Box below, this will be for all games at the Stadium.
  • Please CLICK HERE for information on how to work the scoreboard and the sound system in the Press Box.
  • Make sure to be courteous with all the equipment and stay quiet in the press box if there is an announcer.
  • It is very important that the cords are handled properly. Our site managers and interns will be responsible for setup and breakdown of all equipment.