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Off Season Strength and Futsal Schedule

posted Jan 8, 2015, 7:17 AM by Gygyg6ggg   [ updated Jan 8, 2015, 2:14 PM ]
All below is the training schedule and info for our off season strength and futsal schedule:

We are offering Futsal on Monday and Wednesday at 6am.  All players will have the ability to have a locker and use the showers before school.   Since we have a lot of players at different ages with different needs, we are going to have the upperclassmen (10th and 11th grades) do strength training after school with Coach Deontey and the underclassmen (grades 8th and 9th) at 6am with Coach Raabe and Malott.  The upperclassmen will focus on gaining strength and putting on muscle weight.   Underclassmen will still have strength training, but will not be the heavy lifting exercises.  Their strength program will consist of more bodyweight exercises and basic lifts along with some skill testing that can give themselves goals to achieve.  At the bottom of the page are the skills tests the underclassmen will be tested in.  All players are able to come to take the tests.  

We expect all players to be in attendance.  With that said, we want you to perform well in school, at your club, and at the other important facets of your life.  Please be smart in finding a balance and communicating absence with our coaching staff.   Our coaches put time in designing these programs and how each day will run, so if you are to miss please treat as you would treat your job (i.e. communicate if you are to miss so we can plan).  

LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, our players are putting a lot work and in order to see gains, players must eat correctly.    Soccer players need to eat about 4,500 calories a day with about a 1 gram of protein per 1lbs their weight.   This amount of calories and protein helps your body recover and build muscle, so you can train again.  Those upperclassmen that are performing heavy lifting need to eat around 5,000- 6,000 calories a day and have 1 gram of protein per 1lbs in order to see the gains they want.   WITHOUT this right nutrition, players will be doing more harm than good.   To get this amount of calories players will need to eat snacks throughout the day, but nutritious snacks not just hot cheese fries.

Attention upperclassmen:  be sure to eat about 60-90 minutes before your Tuesday and Thursday lift.  And more importantly, be sure to eat protein right after your lift to help your body recover and build muscle.  This will help prevent soreness and keep you charged for your studies, club soccer, and growth of muscle. 

Coach cell # date  trains 
 Deontey Kenner 513-237-8731 Tues/ Thurs 2:45pm 
 Keagan Malott 513-410-1549 Mon/Wed
 Brandon Raabe 513-702-0594 Tues/ Thurs 6am 

 Day    Time Who What
 6am - 7am ALL FUTSAL
Tuesday6am - 7am 8th and 9th strength training and skill testing
Tuesday 2:45pm - 4pm 10th and 11th Lifting for muscle gain
Wednesday 6am - 7amALL FUTSAL
 Thursday 6am - 7am 8th and 9th strength training and skill testing
 Thursday 2:45pm - 4pm  10th and 11th Lifting for muscle gain

Skill Tests and Strength tests for grades 8th and 9th

Juggles 3 minutesInside foot touches against the wall from 8 yards (1 minute)Turning ChallengeDribble ChallengePush ups (two mins)Sit ups (two mins)Pull ups

Juggles - continuous juggles in 3 minutes feet only

Passing foot challenge - using inside foot # of passes ball against wall for 1 minute from 8 yards.  

Dribble challenge test - see video 

Push ups - # of push ups in 2 mins - 60 is the goal

Sit ups - # of sit ups in 2 mins - 100 is the goal

Pull ups - # of pull ups - 20 is the goal