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Summer 8 week Program Starts Monday

posted Jun 2, 2016, 6:53 AM by Gygyg6ggg
Hello all,

Our 8 week summer program begins Monday.  The usual routine will be cardiovascular conditioning and open scrimmaging on Mondays and Wednesdays.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Coach Deontey (our strength coach) has organized calisthenics and a weight program from 6pm - 7:30, to work on aerobic power and strength.  After we will have open play till around 8:30.  Be sure to bring running shoes, a soccer ball, WATER and soccer cleats to each session.  For those who do not have a training shirt, wear a similar color.  Grades 7 and 8 (fall of 2016) are welcome to attend, but it is not expected. 

Here is this coming week:
Monday 6-8:30pm - meet at South Field at 6pm.  Wear Gold
Tuesday 6- 8:30pm - meet in Weight room 6pm . Wear Navy
Wednesday 6-8:30pm - meet at South Field. Wear Gold
Thursday 6-8:30pm - meet in Weight room 6pm. Wear Navy 

I will send out a weekly email with what our schedule looks like each week as a reminder. 

We have several scrimmages in July that everyone is able to attend. These scrimmages give us an opportunity to bond together, set a foundation, and for coaches to see players in live competition.  We ask that everyone give their availability on this document, so we can know how many teams to organize.  Please put down if you will not be present, so we can plan accordingly.  No call no shows are not acceptable.  If your name is not on the list, do not worry, please just add yourself at the bottom.  

People always ask how many players do we take. We can take up to around 58 players, but we may not take that many.  We currently have around 65 players who are planning on trying out, and we expect to have another 10-25 more, who may have not been listed yet.  With this said, the summer program offered is an opportunity for players to earn a spot.  Nothing is guaranteed for anyone, and we have had freshman beat out upperclassmen in the past for varsity.  I encourage you to come in with a great attitude, strive to get better, and have fun.  We will work hard to instill a mentality and work ethic that will not only help us on the soccer field, but also in life. 

Lastly, we have some exciting things coming up with our program that I would like to keep you informed of.  As many you may know, we aim to compete with financials of Manchester City in high school soccer, but are ran more like AFC Wimbledon (If you don't know, you should really check out this inspirational story of how a town owns the club, not oil executives).  To have a 2nd developmental JV team, have assistant coaches,  have preseason scrimmages, equipment, and hopefully new uniforms (its been over 5 years), we hold opportunities for us to grow together and raise $.  Please see below and sign up for these events.

Upcoming Events:

Uniform Donations - We are very close to being able to purchase new kits and bags for the whole boys HS program!  Please select donate here button

Zombie Run June 11th - Going to be a lot of family fun - dunking booth, games, soccer, food/beverage!  

Youth Camp June 20- 23rd (Grades K-6)  HS age players are welcome to volunteer!

HS Camp July 19- 22nd (Grades 9-12) scrimmages on the weekend

JH Camp July 25th-28th  (Grades 7-9) incoming freshman can attend

Alumni Game Aug 6th (There will be an Alumni vs Varsity  game and Odd vs Even Alumni game)

Mattress Sale Aug 7th (Need a mattress? Know someone who does? This is big fund raiser for us, so please keep it in mind.  More info to come at a later time.)

Thanks all for your support and see you Monday!

Coach Eric Rothwell
Walnut Hills Boys Soccer
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