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Uniform Kits and directions to games

posted Jul 12, 2012, 8:50 AM by Eric Rothwell

  All players must arrive at least 45mins early to warm up for every game (we do not know what color we will be yet). All players should bring all three of there shirts with both pairs of socks.  Players should wear navy soccer shorts.       On the first day( tomorrow) all players/parents need to meet at the Headquarters tent 45 minutes before the game.   All parents/players will need to sign a release from at the headquarters tent.    Please plan for traffic.

If you haven't paid for your training kit/uniforms this weekend, please bring the $35 tomorrow and I will give your kit tomorrow at the games.    We have to write a check to pay for the kits this week so we need payments.  

Here is a link for directions to the fields for the games this weekend:

The schedule is below for the weekend.  

If you have put down that you are coming, but something came up and you are unable to attend, the player needs to contact me to let me know.  A NO CALL NO SHOW is unacceptable.    It is unfair to your teammates and the program.