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Weight Training Starts Monday Jan. 14th

posted Jan 10, 2013, 6:43 PM by Gygyg6ggg   [ updated Jan 10, 2013, 6:48 PM ]
All here is a recap from the meeting today:

To increase the overall athletic ability in strength with in our soccer program for high school aged players.  Players will be looking to add muscle and strength, so that we can we overtake the catholic schools and soccer powerhouses in the state.

We will begin our winter lifting training starting this coming Monday  January  14th.  Our weight lifting program will run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:30 am to 7:15 am.  We will arrive at 6:15 to open the doors and get it going.   

Players will be lifting weights through about 5 -8 different exercises during this time.  Players will be instructed on technique, encouraged to set goals, and monitor their progress.  Players will keep a log of their exercises, so that players and coaches will be able to see progress along the way. 

Why in the mornings?
In the past we have problems with consistency because several players have club soccer, tutoring, work, coaches aren't there, and other activities after school, so we have decided to run the training in the morning by our own staff.   This past fall with high school, teaching, club soccer, raising two kids, and trying to keep my wife happy, I wasn't able to find time to work out.  That is until I resorted to the AMs.  I m not going to lie its was tough the first week and a half, but since then it has become a habit that starts my day.  We can use this habit to push each other.  Knowing that your teammates are expectgin you helps give you a reason to go. Positive peer pressure is good.  

Who should I contact if I can't make it or I have a conflict?
I understand that several players will lifting with an in season sport; You can go to that lifting but please let us know, so we don't wonder where you are.  I want you to be smart about lifting as I want you all to go, but if you have a track meet/lacorsse game/baseball game/etc, you most likely shouldn't be lifting very heavy the day of that event.   If you are going to miss please let myself and Brandon know by text.  

Brandon Raabe at  513 702-0594 (cell)

What to bring?
Players should bring athletic wear and must wear athletic shoes in the weight room.  Players will work up a light sweat but not much more than a gym class or weight lifting class you would take at school.  We currently do not have showers, but in my experience most boys don't shower after gym class anyways.  Plan on deodorant, axe or whatever you use to stay fresh.  Currently, showering is not an option.  Lastly, it is very important for the boys to eat right after they work out.  Players should be eating a healthy breakfast with lots of protein. 

Wrap up:
Parents, I want to thank you for your extra commitment to getting the boys here early.  I encourage the boys to ride share and have upperclassmen drive underclassmen.  I know that this early, but I know I know this extra 45 minutes of work will pay off.  What we are doing here is giving the players the opportunity to be successful.  Sacrificing an hour sleep will seem worth it when it comes game time. I leave you with this Chinese proverb: 'No one who can rise before dawn 360 days a year fails to make his family rich’

Thanks and I'm looking forward to seeing you all improve!

Coach Eric

P.S. As always visit our website for more information and for our calendar.  Each workout routine will be posted 
Here is a link about eating nutritionally