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Women's Soccer Rosters: 2015

posted Aug 2, 2015, 10:45 AM by Kevin Spraul   [ updated Aug 2, 2015, 12:05 PM ]

Thank you everyone for coming out. We had some tough decisions this year. Below are the Final Rosters pending everyone meets the eligibility requirements.

If have not been receiving emails from the soccer program, please send your email address and the associated player name to so you can be added to our mailing list.

Your Head Coach of your respective team will contact you this evening with this weeks training schedule and scrimmage schedule amongst other soccer events.

Training for Monday:
Varsity/JV Eagles/JV Blue : 730am-9am on Marx 
Mandatory Player and Parent meeting in the Cafeteria + Uniform Handout = 8pm.


Varsity Rachel Berndsen
Varsity Henrietta Bilokur
Varsity Bridgette Bingle
Varsity Courtney Bingle
Varsity Sherie Cheng
Varsity Kahla Cornett
Varsity Molly Giglia
Varsity Alexandria Hines
Varsity Maddie Hordinski
Varsity Kiley Keehan
Varsity Safia Ludwig
Varsity Jamiera Lunsford
Varsity Mary Page Mason
Varsity Elli McHaffie
Varsity Loren Richardson
Varsity Ellie Seliga
Varsity Tessa Thrower

JV Eagles

JV Eagles Zoey Beitzinger
JV Eagles Zanna Biales
JV Eagles Mearah Bridges
JV Eagles Maggie Cavellier
JV Eagles Kaitlin Coleman
JV Eagles Isabelle Dancer
JV Eagles Erin Egan
JV Eagles Francie
JV Eagles Allyson Garth
JV Eagles Sofi Guven
JV Eagles Natalie Hollis
JV Eagles Tai'lynn Jones
JV Eagles Elena Kaufman
JV Eagles Aspen Kelly
JV Eagles Rehme Leanza
JV Eagles Mira O'Donnell
JV Eagles Livvie Smith
JV Eagles Annabell Thomas-Harmon
JV Eagles Ella Whiteside

JV Blue

JV Blue Rosemary Airaldi
JV Blue Kesara Carpenter
JV Blue Cierra Carter
JV Blue Ajia Gannaway
JV Blue Reyna Houser
JV Blue Kendall Kearney
JV Blue Hannah Machenheimer
JV Blue Alexis Mack
JV Blue Alyssa McGraw
JV Blue Fola O'Neal
JV Blue Jada Rushing
JV Blue Makeda Tafari-Thompson
JV Blue Ellen Walter
JV Blue Anna Walters
JV Blue Mariama Williams